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If your business has a commercial kitchen, did you know you can contribute to the renewable fuel industry? It might sound a bit backward but used cooking oil and fryer grease can actually be transformed into a local eco-friendly fuel that serves as a viable alternative to petroleum diesel. With so many establishments across the country with kitchens, used cooking oil can be found virtually anywhere, and business owners are now learning about ways to put their used fryer oil up for sale.

Along the West Coast, SeQuential has a long history of collecting used cooking oil from commercial kitchens and refining it into our clean-burning renewable fuel. Here, we explain how businesses can tap into the earning potential that their otherwise discarded cooking oil might provide.

Your Used Cooking Oil’s Worth

Many businesses understand the importance of properly disposing of their used cooking oil. Failing to do so can have dire consequences on their bottom line from costly fines and repairs due to clogged plumbing, harmful backwash flooding into local ecosystems, and more. However, businesses are now realizing used cooking oil is not only recyclable but potentially profitable as well. The global used cooking oil market is growing at a rapid rate, with an Allied Market Research report projecting the market’s size to grow to a whopping $8.89 billion by 2026.

Because the market is showing no signs of slowing down, businesses with high amounts of used cooking oil are being sought out by companies like SeQuential. High quality used cooking oil provides an essential feedstock to produce renewable fuel, which causes less air pollution than standard diesel due to fewer particulates and pollutants escaping into the atmosphere and reduces the need for diesel made from fossil fuels.

How to Cash In

When companies choose to recycle their cooking oil with SeQuential, they can immediately benefit financially, as we offer used cooking oil collection services for free. And you won’t have to pay for your own storage container, either. We’ll also provide you with a complimentary container and lock to store your used cooking oil in, which we’ll empty into our trucks on a predetermined collection schedule that fits your establishment’s volume of oil.

By recycling used cooking oil, eligible companies may also be able to receive compensation for what is collected. At each stop, our trucks record the exact amount of oil each establishment recycles so we know how much each client has contributed. We offer our collection services in the majority of the West Coast’s metropolitan areas, including Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Even after your used cooking oil has been hauled away, your business still has other opportunities to take advantage of additional operational savings. For instance, scheduling regular grease trap cleaning services will ensure that fats, oils, and grease stay out of your wastewater system, which can reduce the cost of maintenance in the long run. SeQuential is also part of the Pacific Northwest’s Preferred Pumper Program, which means we work directly with local grease inspectors to ensure your compliance with all grease regulations and save you the headache of paying hefty fines.

Start Recycling with SeQuential

If your business is on the West Coast and has used fryer oil for sale, sign up for used cooking oil recycling services today. We’ll schedule a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable account managers, who will learn about your company’s unique used cooking oil output and help you form a collection schedule that won’t disrupt your day-to-day operations.

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