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SeQuential is one of the largest used cooking oil collector on the West Coast. We’ve been serving local businesses for years with used cooking oil collection services, transforming everything we collect into environmentally friendly renewable fuel. But how do we collect all this used cooking oil? Here’s a brief overview of our collection process.

Where Our Used Cooking Oil Comes From

After a business whips up a delicious meal, they recycle the used cooking oil with SeQuential. Once a business decides to sign up with us, our collection process begins.

For businesses with commercial kitchens, from fast-food franchises to cafeterias and manufacturers, SeQuential provides a free collection container where they can store their used cooking oil. We then set up a custom, recurring collection schedule that fits each establishment’s grease output — all for free. Commercial kitchen employees transfer the used cooking oil into the collection container and allow SeQuential’s team to collect the oil on a regular basis.

Transporting Used Cooking Oil to Our Refineries

Once we’ve collected the used cooking oil from a business, we measure and record the amount of usable oil, which is typically about 90% of the total volume. Our trucks then transport it to our production facilities, where it goes through an involved process to be transformed into renewable fuel. Because all of this is done locally, we contribute to reducing the environmental impact of transportation and keeping this valuable, renewable resource in the local economies we serve.

Choose SeQuential for Used Cooking Oil Recycling and Grease Trap Maintenance

Your business can contribute today by partnering with SeQuential. To learn more about the areas we serve or how to get started, contact us today.

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