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If you run a busy restaurant, you will be left with a large amount of used cooking oil at the end of the night. Used cooking oil is a byproduct of running an eatery, yet it is something that most owners and employees seldom think about. The way you choose to dispose of your used cooking oil can impact the way customers view your restaurant, as well as your bottom line, and the environment.

At SeQuential, we specialize in collecting used cooking oil and transforming it into clean and renewable fuel. If you are looking for restaurant grease collection companies on the West Coast, look no further than SeQuential. Our grease trap maintenance and used cooking oil recycling services make life easy for restaurant owners and operators. Here, we discuss why SeQuential should be your choice for cooking oil recycling.

Making Recycling Your Used Cooking Oil Easy

With SeQuential, recycling your used cooking oils has never been easier or more convenient. When you join our used cooking oil recycling program, a member of our team will meet with you to discuss your individual needs. After your initial consultation, we will provide you with an appropriately sized collection container for you to store your used cooking oils–for free – and work with you to determine a collection schedule that works for you. After that, all you need to do is dispose of your used cooking oil into the provided container, and we’ll take care of the rest – always with no charge.

By utilizing our complimentary used cooking oil collection service, not only do you make a smart business decision, but you also have a positive impact on the environment, contributing to the production of a sustainable energy source. As a SeQuential customer, you can be assured that your used cooking oil is being handled by a professional team, which utilizes the latest grease management technology to do good for the planet.

Supporting the Health of the Environment

The used cooking oil we collect is turned into environmentally friendly renewable fuel, a local, ultra-low carbon fuel. The renewable fuel we produce can reduce up to 75% gas emissions than traditional diesel and is sustainably sourced from readily available materials (i.e. used cooking oil we collect) that might otherwise go to waste.

When you choose to recycle your used cooking oil with SeQuential, you are also supporting the local economy. By refining and distributing our renewable fuel locally, we power local commerce while minimizing the environmental damages associated with long-distance transportation. Learn where to find renewable fuel from Sequential.

Your Source for Everything Related to Grease Management

SeQuential has been providing environmentally friendly used cooking oil disposal services to restaurants and businesses throughout the West Coast since 2008. By partnering with SeQuential, you are supporting local jobs and helping ensure the viability of the planet for future generations. If you are interested in learning more about why SeQuential should be your choice when considering restaurant grease collection companies, contact us or submit your service request today.

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