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Restaurant owners understand the importance of keeping their grease traps and fryers well-maintained, but they may be wondering if grease collection programs can do so affordably. Luckily, SeQuential has been providing convenient and cost-free used cooking oil collection and recycling services to restaurants and businesses located on the West Coast since 2008. Learn more about how your business can afford oil and grease collection services from SeQuential.

Our Grease Collection Program

Since the renewable fuel market is growing quickly, renewable fuel companies like SeQuential are looking to partner with businesses and restaurants that used cooking oil. The used cooking oil is then recycled to create a renewable fuel.

Recycling used cooking oils has never been easier than with SeQuential. When you sign up for our used cooking oil recycling program, one of our account managers will connect with you to discuss the specific requirements of your business. Following your initial consultation, we will supply you with a complimentary collection container in which you can store your used cooking oils securely. We will also collaborate with you to establish a collection schedule that is suitable for your oil output.

From then on, simply put your used cooking oil in the provided container, and we’ll take care of the rest – always at no cost to you. Our service technitions record the amount of recycled oil at each location so we know exactly how much each customer has contributed.

Benefits of Grease Collection from SeQuential

  • At SeQuential, we pride ourselves on offering a grease collection and recycling program that is affordable and worthwhile for businesses. Joining our used cooking oil recycling program allows you to rest easy knowing your used oil is in excellent hands. We strive to create a cleaner energy model and have a positive impact on the environment. There are many additional advantages to participating in our grease collection services, and these include: Convenient and courteous service
  • Supporting the production of renewable fuel can reduce up to 75% gas emissions than traditional diesel
  • Supporting local economy and jobs in your community
  • Minimizing environmental damage your restaurant may cause from improper fat, oil, and grease (FOG) disposal

In addition to the free pickup of your oil, there are additional ways for your business to save money on operations with services from SeQuential. For example, scheduling grease trap cleaning services on a regular basis will help keep FOG out of your wastewater system, which lowers your overall maintenance costs. SeQuential is also a member of the Preferred Pumper Program of the Pacific Northwest, which means we work directly with local grease inspectors to ensure our clients comply with all rules and regulations to spare them the burden of paying fines or penalties.

Contact a SeQuential Account Manager Today

With SeQuential, it’s affordable and beneficial for businesses with commercial kitchens to participate in our grease collection program. Since 2008, we have provided cost-effective and environmentally friendly grease solutions for restaurants and other food-service businesses located on the West Coast. Contact us today to learn more or sign up for our free oil and grease collection and recycling services.

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