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Reusing cooking oil can help you save time and money on meal preparation, but it can also cause numerous health risks that outweigh its benefits. As the largest used cooking oil collector on the West Coast, SeQuential collects and recycles used cooking oil from thousands of restaurants and facilities from Portland, Oregon, to South El Monte, California, and the Los Angeles metro area. Here, we discuss the dangers of reheating cooking oil to help you keep your family or patrons safe.

Signs of Decaying Oil

Although it is ideal to use new oil with each meal preparation restaurants with deep fryers can typically reuse cooking oil three to four times. However, oil can deteriorate sooner, and you must dispose of it once it shows signs of decay. Indications that you should discard oil include:

  • Darkened color
  • Sour smell
  • Slower flow (viscosity) when poured
  • Loose sediment pieces at the bottom of the container or floating in the oil
  • Smoke appearing on the oil’s surface before the temperature reaches 375 degrees Fahrenheit or 190 degrees Celsius

Used Cooking Oil Is More Acidic

Customers or family members may complain of a burning stomach and throat after eating your cooked food. Reheated oil may be the cause of these sensations, as it is more acidic than fresh oil. Often, deep-fried and roadside food will produce a burning feeling. Using new cooking oil more frequently can combat this issue.

Learn More from SeQuential

Despite the convenience of reheating cooking oil, it poses numerous risks that can jeopardize the health of your family or guests. However, disposing of used oil can be challenging because it is not regular garbage like other kitchen waste. At SeQuential, we alleviate this stress by offering your establishment a free cooking oil collection container and working with you to decide on a pickup time that meets your schedule. Contact us today to sign up for free used cooking oil collection.

Partnering with SeQuential is not only convenient but eco-friendly as well. All the cooking oil we collect is converted into renewable fuel, a clean and non-toxic fuel alternative can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75% gas emissions than petroleum diesel. Contact us today for more information about recycling used cooking oil in California and Oregon.

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