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Grease trap cleaning is the process of removing grease waste and other food particles from the unit. It is possible to clean grease traps on your own, but it can be a very difficult and messy job. Hiring a professional grease trap cleaning service to clean your grease trap is the best course of action. SeQuential, which specializes in grease trap maintenance and the removal of grease, discusses what’s included in grease trap maintenance and why it’s important.

Why Grease Trap Cleaning Is Important

Cleaning grease traps involves record-keeping, proper disposal, and cleaning techniques that should follow municipal regulations. Heavy fines may be imposed if ordinances are not followed – and for good reason. Businesses that fail to dispose of their grease properly or maintain their traps regularly run the risk of causing environmental harm, such as toxic spillage into local habitats or drinking water systems.

Having your grease trap routinely serviced comes with a variety of advantages, including:

  • The removal of foul smells that could impact the health of employees and patrons of your business
  • The prevention of blockages in your drainage system caused by solidified fats, oils, and greases (FOG)
  • Avoiding the need for costly repairs due to infrequent maintenance or improper grease disposal

What Routine Grease Trap Maintenance Entails

A good rule of thumb is to have your grease trap cleaned every one to three months. However, to determine the cleaning frequency, you will need to follow the 1/4 rule. This rule states that once 1/4 of your grease trap has been filled with FOG it is time for a pump out. Once your trap is 1/4 full, it stops being effective and can lead to unpleasant odors, slow drainage in sinks, and clogs in your plumbing.

For businesses along the West Coast, SeQuential provides your business with grease trap cleaning services, which clean commercial kitchen grease traps while abiding by local laws and digital record keeping. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Cleaning: Our skilled technicians thoroughly clean the inside and outside elements of the trap, allowing it to function more efficiently. With a clean grease trap, your kitchen can operate smoothly, which allows you to focus on your customers.
  • Grease collection and removal: Our services can recycle all types of cooking oil, grease, and fat – for free – and convert them into high-quality, renewable fuel, an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum diesel. Our containers and pickup schedules make recycling your oil with us convenient and hassle-free. Trust that your used cooking oil is in good hands as the renewable fuel Neste makes from your oil is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels available.

Get Started Today with SeQuential

Keeping your restaurant or establishment’s grease trap clear of FOG is important for both your business and the environment. SeQuential cleans and maintains grease traps on the West Coast, including in the areas of Portland, Oregon, as well as in South El Monte and Los Angeles, California. To learn more about the importance of grease trap cleaning, what’s included, and why it’s important to keep up with it, contact us today.

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