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Grease traps are found in most commercial kitchens. They’re designed to catch and store fats, oils, and grease (FOG). Over time, the grease trap fills up and must be emptied. Far too often, though, cleaning and maintenance are overlooked or pushed off to a later time. Here, SeQuential describes the issues that may arise if you don’t clean your grease trap often enough.

Potential Plumbing Issues

If your grease trap isn’t cleaned regularly, you may experience an issue with the plumbing system at your business. When FOG is allowed to build up, it creates sewage blockages, which often create bad-smelling odors. These odors travel, and while they may start in the kitchen, they almost always make their way into the dining room. This could ultimately impact your business because customers won’t want to return to a restaurant that smells bad.

Additionally, if any municipal water or sewage lines are running beneath your business, the blockage may cause pipes to burst. When this occurs, the free-flowing FOG can contaminate the surrounding area and result in costly fines, impacting your bottom line.

Unhealthy Work Environments

Your employees spend hours working in the kitchen, near the grease trap. Because of this, it puts them at higher risk for health consequences if the grease trap isn’t properly maintained. Aside from the foul odor, bacteria can grow in these conditions, potentially causing employees to become ill.

When not given the proper attention, the grease trap can also leak. The small pools of FOG that are created by these leaks create a very hazardous work environment, especially if the puddle of oil and grease goes unnoticed. Workplace injuries due to these conditions are entirely preventable with regularly scheduled grease trap maintenance.

Fines from the Health Department

Finally, dirty grease traps have the potential to put you at odds with your local health department. Because the sole purpose of a grease trap is to catch and store used cooking oils, it’s integral to the operation of your kitchen, which in turn makes it an important aspect of any health department review. If it’s found the grease trap isn’t receiving regular cleanings or conditions are leading to health or environmental hazards, prepare to potentially be fined.

Grease Trap Maintenance through SeQuential

We understand that running a business takes time and energy, and when an important asset of your business isn’t functioning properly, it harms the company overall. That’s where we come in. SeQuential is a member of the Preferred Pumper Program in the Pacific Northwest. Membership in this program is often a maintenance requirement for businesses established by local governments. Our hassle-free grease trap cleaning service will make sure you comply with local regulations as well as ensure a safe work environment for your customers, employees, and community. Contact us today for more information about our services in California and Oregon.

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