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Cooking oil is essential for making your favorite foods, but it’s important to change it regularly and recycle it correctly to have the best impact on your food and the environment. SeQuential collects used cooking oil from restaurants and cooks across the West Coast and converts it into ultra-low carbon renewable fuel, to deliver cleaner fuel to our communities. Here, we discuss how soon you should pursue cooking oil recycling.

Is It Time?

It is acceptable to reuse cooking oil, but there are signs that you should change it so it doesn’t affect the taste or quality of the food you’re cooking. Normally, oil in a deep fryer can be reused around eight times on average, but that number will vary depending on what you’re frying and how often, the type and quality of oil you’re using, and how clean the fryer is. The following signs can mean your oil longer usable and you should change it:

  • Oil is thick and foamy when heated
  • A rancid or foul odor
  • Oil releasing smoke when heated
  • Considerably darker in color than fresh oil

Commercial test kits are also available to help you determine if your cooking oil needs changing.

Consider SeQuential’s Cooking Oil Recycling Services

At SeQuential, we provide simple cooking oil recycling for both restaurants and home cooks across the West Coast. Our goal is to help our community and environment with easy solutions to recycle cooking oil without added effort or costs. We do all the work from providing the collection containers, offering pick-up services for businesses and drop-off locations for home cooks, and then turning the oil into ultra-low carbon renewable fuel. This is a clean energy alternative that allows us to provide clean fuel for communities throughout the West Coast.

Our oil recycling programs include:

Recycling Program for Businesses

We provide free used cooking oil recycling for businesses, starting by giving you a secure and sanitary oil disposal container for you to put your oil in – complete with a lock to prevent theft. We schedule regular pickups based on your business’ needs to help you contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Recycling for Home Chefs

We also offer convenient cooking oil recycling drop-off locations for home chefs to bring their used oil to recycle. Simply cool oil completely before pouring it into its original container or one with a secure lid and bringing it to one of our locations to reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment.

SeQuential is proud to be the longest-running commercial renewable fuel producer on the West Coast, and we remain committed to constructing a better energy model with local, sustainable solutions for our communities.

Make a Service Request Today

SeQuential can help you convert your used cooking oil into high-quality renewable fuel, whether you run a busy restaurant or enjoy cooking at home. We have been supporting local communities and conserving our environment for future generations as one of the West Coast’s longest continuously operating commercial renewable fuel producers. Contact us today to make a service request or to learn more about used cooking oil recycling.

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