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Restaurant managers are required to be jacks of all trades. In addition to recruiting and training staff and overseeing operations, they must stay up to date on health department codes and requirements. One important aspect of restaurant management is the safe handling and disposal of used cooking oil. Fortunately, when you work with SeQuential, you can rest easy knowing your used oil will be appropriately collected and recycled.

Our Collection Process

Partnering with SeQuential is simple. Once you reach out to us, a member of our team will meet with you to assess your needs and inspect your facility. We’ll provide you with a durable container for storing your oil and arrange a collection schedule that works for you. Keeping in touch with our staff is easy via phone, text, or email. Our collection service and container delivery are both free of charge. We serve a wide range of foodservice establishments, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Colleges and universities
  • Stadiums and other event venues

Unlike other disposal companies that simply dump your cooking oil, we recycle it and refine it into an environmentally friendly biofuel. SeQuential participates in the Preferred Pumper Program, which sets high standards for grease trap cleaning services and helps partner businesses comply with local regulations for the disposal of fats, oil, and grease (FOG).

Cost Savings for Your Establishment

SeQuential deals with your used cooking oil so you can focus on what you do best: running your kitchen. Help keep your expenses under control by partnering with us:

  • Stay efficient: SeQuential’s recycling service is a major time saver for any commercial kitchen. Labor is a significant expense in restaurant operations, and you won’t have to devote valuable staff time to cooking oil disposal when SeQuential will do it for free.
  • Steer clear of municipal fines: Failure to handle cooking oil properly can cause sewer blockages and attract vermin, leading to citations or penalties from your local health department.
  • Avoid costly repairs: On top of non-compliance with local regulations, dumping used cooking oil can lead to expensive damage to your business’s plumbing system.
  • Prevent unexpected costs: Improper storage and disposal of used cooking oil can create health hazards for your employees. Avoid the risk of workers’ compensation claims by making sure oil is safely removed from your premises.

In addition to used cooking oil collection, SeQuential also provides grease trap services for customers who want expert scheduled maintenance to keep their interior and exterior grease traps in proper working order. Of the grease trap material we pump, 99% of it can be converted to clean energy for heating and power.

The Benefits of Recycling Used Cooking Oil

Apart from the convenience of our complimentary service, choosing an eco-friendly solution for your used oil has many advantages. You’ll demonstrate to your customers that you’re taking the proper steps to be a good environmental steward, including:

  • Keeping your local water system free of FOG.
  • Minimizing the environmental hazards associated with grease dumping.
  • Following local regulations for the disposal of used cooking oil.
  • Helping create renewable energy sources. Renewable fuel has a carbon footprint that’s up to 85% smaller than that of petroleum diesel.

A Sustainable Energy Source

At SeQuential, we’re committed to educating our customers about biofuels. In partnership with our parent company Crimson Renewable Energy, we create renewable fuel that is:

  • Sustainable: Unlike the non-renewable fossil fuels in conventional diesel, renewable fuel is made from used cooking oil, a byproduct of commercial kitchens that would otherwise enter the waste stream.
  • Easy to use: Renewable fuel is used just like petroleum diesel, so it’s compatible with all kinds of vehicles, from commercial trucks to farm equipment. Plus, it causes less wear and tear on an engine than petroleum diesel.
  • Better for the economy: Unlike petroleum oil that’s drilled in other countries, SeQuential’s oil is collected and refined right here on the West Coast, helping to keep our dollars local.

Get in Touch with SeQuential to Start Recycling Today

Don’t fall victim to hefty fines. Recycle your used cooking oil responsibly with help from SeQuential. Our team serves commercial clients up and down the West Coast with locations in Eugene and Portland, Oregon, and South El Monte, California. To learn more about us or request a consultation, contact us today.

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