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SeQuential is committed to helping produce sustainable, ultra-low carbon fuels that are good for the environment and good for our communities. As the largest renewable fuel producer in Oregon, we’ve been helping commercial food establishments reduce their carbon footprint for over 20 years by recycling their used cooking oil. Learn more about our free grease disposal and recycling services.

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How Our Program Works

While other companies simply collect and dump your cooking grease, SeQuential reuses and refine it into clean, environmentally friendly renewable fuel. Our free grease disposal and recycling program is simple: After you reach out to us, we’ll meet with your team to get to know your facility and learn about your commercial kitchen’s operations. Based on your cooking grease output, we’ll set up a collection schedule that best suits your needs.

We’ll also provide a durable, lockable container where you can store your used cooking oil until we pick it up. This container is completely free to use. Once you’re enrolled in our program, we can modify your pickup schedule as needed. You can choose to keep in touch with our staff by phone, email, or text – whichever is most convenient for you. We also handle all the recordkeeping, so you’ll always know how much oil we’ve collected from your establishment.

To minimize spills, make sure to pour your used oil slowly and carefully into the container. You may need to scrape off the grate at the top of the container occasionally since it can get clogged by food particles. If a spill does occur, you can use sand or cat litter to soak up the oil before putting it in the garbage.

Benefits of Free Grease Disposal

Using our free service is good for your bottom line, good for your customers, and good for the environment. The benefits of partnering with SeQuential include:

  • Cost savings: Is labor one of your biggest expenses? Disposing of cooking oil can take up valuable staff time. With our service, you can outsource this task for free.
  • Avoid shutdowns and fines: Improper handling and disposal of used cooking oil can result in health code violations. You can help make sure you avoid unexpected fines and shutdowns.
  • Eco-friendly: By using our service, you’ll be helping to keep oil and grease out of the municipal water system while helping to create a renewable energy source.

While saving you time and money, this service also conveys to your customers that you’re committed to sustainability.

Keeping Grease Out of the Wastewater System

In addition to used cooking oil recycling, SeQuential provides grease trap services for our customers. The grease trap is the plumbing device in a commercial kitchen that collects fats, oils, and greases (also known as FOG), keeping them out of the local water system. It’s typically located near the sink or dishwasher. Improper maintenance of your grease interceptor can lead to sewer blockages, backups, and burst pipes.

SeQuential offers scheduled maintenance to keep your kitchen’s grease trap clean and in good working order. We’re a member of the Preferred Pumper Program (PPP), which helps Oregon food service establishments find qualified service providers for grease interceptor cleaning. These providers partner with their local sewer agency to establish rigorous cleaning and reporting standards.

A Trusted Partner in Cooking Grease Recycling

Since 2008, we’ve been providing an environmentally friendly option for keeping fats, oil, and grease out of the waste stream. In partnership with our parent company, Neste, SeQuential collects used cooking grease to refine it into renewable fuel. Renewable fuel can be used just like petroleum diesel, so it’s compatible with all kinds of cars, trucks, and farming equipment. By using refined cooking grease, renewable fuel production helps keep this byproduct out of the waste stream.

Learn More About SeQuential Today

When you work with SeQuential, you can rest easy knowing your used cooking grease will be handled and recycled properly. Although we’re based in the West Coast, we serve retail food establishments and commercial kitchens throughout the United States, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Universities
  • Stadiums
  • Hotels
  • Zoos

To learn more or sign up for our cooking grease recycling service, contact SeQuential.

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