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As the use of renewable fuel becomes more prevalent in our communities, restaurants and other food service venues have a simple and eco-conscious way to turn their old, used cooking oils and animal fats into something useful. Not having to worry about the storage, transporting, and disposal fees for cooking oil allows these establishments to focus on their customers. Unfortunately, with a recent rise in demand for renewable fuel, companies whose purpose is to refine these oils safely and responsibly for legal sale to local businesses are not the only ones interested.

SeQuential collects used cooking oil nationwide and turn it into renewable fuel. Here, we’ll explore why stolen cooking oil has become such a problem throughout the country and why turning to professionals like us to take care of your used cooking oil is the right choice.

Why Steal Used Cooking Oil?

If you think used cooking oil seems like an odd thing to steal, you’re not alone. Even some police departments haven’t taken the theft as seriously until recently. Stealing oil used to cook things like wings and French fries seems foolish. That’s until you realize that there is an entire market dedicated to turning it into renewable fuel for engines.

As an alternative to traditional diesel fuel, renewable fuel can be used for vehicles, machinery, heating, generators, and much more. The versatile and energy-saving fuel type is great for engines. It offers better lubricity and higher cetane ratings, which results in a longer lifespan. Renewable fuel is ideal for commercial and industrial settings and can have a positive impact on the environment when processed responsibly.

Used Cooking Oil Theft Matters

Because of the value and flexibility of renewable fuel, over 1 billion pounds of used cooking oil can be turned into renewable fuel in any given year. This has resulted in the theft of about $75 million worth of used grease annually through illegal siphoning. This practice can lead to the following:

Damages and Cleanup

When thieves attempt to take used cooking oil from your receptacles, they don’t take the necessary precautions into account. This is because they are doing so illegally and are likely untrained. This can result in property damages that can add up to costly repairs. Additionally, oil thieves can leave grease spills and stains that need to clean up to help prevent accidents.

Negative Impact on the Environment

Aside from the financial burden and stress that stolen oil can put on you as a business owner, it usually doesn’t even get processed and refined properly. Companies like SeQuential have taken all the necessary steps to ensure our facilities and processes create renewable fuel in a safe and eco-friendly way. The result is a clean-burning, non-toxic alternative fuel that is then sold locally, further helping to reduce the harmful emissions within our communities.

Choose SeQuential to Safely Dispose of Used Cooking Oil

As renewable fuels continue to gain in popularity, it’s important your establishment’s used oils go to the right place. At SeQuential, we’re focused on responsibly collecting used cooking oil through our recycling service. This free service takes the legwork out of the disposal process for your business all while making it more sustainable. We will deliver a container to you, set a regular pickup schedule that works for your business. We are always available to communicate through cell, text, or email. 

SeQuential works with a variety of clients to create partnerships that last. Businesses that use our services include restaurants, stadiums, hospitals, and cafeterias. Although we’re based on the West Coast, we serve clients nationwide, which helps us make a bigger positive environmental impact. To learn how to properly dispose of your used cooking oil, contact us today or call 1 (800) 447-3794. 


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