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Climate change has taken center stage, making clean energy options and ways to invest in green energy stocks more accessible. Green energy investing focuses on supporting organizations whose purpose, projects, and practices center around natural resource conservation, and pollution reduction. Renewable energy production, like renewable fuel, solar power, and wind energy, is one of many solutions.

At SeQuential, we’re here to make renewable fuel accessible to fuel energy distributors, fleet managers, and nationwide. Here, we discuss why to invest in green energy stocks, and what kinds of clean energy investments are available. Learn how you can invest in them for the good of the earth and your financial future.

Why Invest in Green Energy Stocks?

No matter what kind of stocks you’re looking to buy, the answer depends on the company. Investing in green energy stocks supports businesses and organizations that produce, supply, and consume renewable green energies. This enables these entities and the wider public to turn away from their dependence on fossil fuels.

In addition to increasing global warming, exposure to crude and burning fossil fuels increases the risk of stroke, lung cancer, respiratory illnesses, and other deadly ailments. By consuming and investing in clean energy companies and green energy assets, you’re helping to shift the market toward more responsible and renewable energy, as well as making these options more accessible for all.

What Are Some Kinds of Green Energy Investments?

Green energy is the way of the future, and many implementations have already been made to daily life. In other words, the time to invest is now! Here are some of the most popular types of green energy investments:

Green Energy Stocks

One of the easiest and most direct ways to invest in green energy is to buy stocks. This means you’d buy a share of an individual company, which is dedicated to their business on clean energy. For example, there are several publicly traded biofuel stocks from companies that produce renewable fuel, which is made by collecting and refining used cooking oil and grease from restaurants and food businesses.

It is also possible to purchase stock in companies dedicated to using green energy, which also have a record of other climate-friendly practices.

Green Energy Mutual Funds

Investing in green energy mutual funds is another option that would allow you to invest in a wide range of pre-bundled renewable energy stock market securities, including stocks, bonds, and other market assets. This option allows you to invest at once in public and private entities that focus on clean energy like wind, hydrogen, solar, or renewable fuel.

Green Energy Bonds

Another option is to purchase green bonds, sometimes called climate bonds. These bonds are offered by private companies, banks, and government bodies to help them finance environmentally friendly and clean energy projects. California is one of the first states to offer green bonds meant to support green infrastructure and programs using green energy alternatives to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

How to Invest in Green Energy

Investing in the stock market can be risky. It is important to do your homework before buying green energy stocks, mutual funds, or making any other investment. Understand the history, trends, and policies that support the market growth of clean energy, such as renewable fuel, solar energy, wind power, and more. It may be wise to also consult with a fiduciary investment advisor before making market purchases.

Partner with SeQuential

Since 2002, SeQuential has partnered with West Coast companies and those around the country to recycle used cooking oil. Reducing pressure on public landfills and sewage systems adds to local economies, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. SeQuential offers a green alternative for restaurants and commercial kitchens. The oil collected is turned into renewable fuel, a green alternative for fleet managers, gas stations, and fuel distributors. Contact us today to learn more.

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