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Working in the fast-paced and growing clean energy industry can provide prospective employees with exciting opportunities to help turn a waste product into a renewable fuel source. SeQuential offers its employees this rewarding effort through a variety of roles. One of those employees is senior account manager Drew Pekarek. With 10 years at SeQuential and over 4,000 clients under his supervision, Pekarek has excellent insight into what it’s like working in the grease management industry. Here, Pekarek shares his experiences and explains the company culture at SeQuential.

A Typical Day at SeQuential

In a split role, Pekarek’s daily responsibilities combine both sales and account management duties. He frequently visits new and existing clients to solidify valuable working relationships and build new ones as part of his current position. To help the company’s growth, Pekarek looks for fresh business opportunities through multiple sources, such as restaurant blogs and social media. To ensure SeQuential is providing the quality services it is known for, Pekarek’s duties also require working closely with the dispatch team.

SeQuential Company Culture

With a sector as unique as the used cooking oil collection industry, SeQuential provides a similarly unique work culture for its employees. Pekarek describes it as quick-paced and motivating. Wins are widely celebrated throughout the company and recognized by other team members.

The industry also provides employees with the luxury of assortment. “I love the variety of the day,” says Pekarek. “Some days I’m visiting five to 10 different clients, while other days I’m working in Excel and researching new business opportunities.”

The ability to not have to deal with the same clients and the same issues each day is desirable, explains Pekarek. He feels it allows employees to build off those experiences, using them to their advantage as they grow within the company.

Something else Pekarek enjoys most in his position at SeQuential is the relationships he’s been able to form with clients. “I’ve gotten to know them really well, even to the point where some of them I consider good friends of mine,” says Pekarek. “It’s very rewarding because it’s proof of my work, as well as proof of the company’s work, and a good representation of my ability to maintain a rapport with customers.”

Advice for Prospective Employees

Sustainably-driven jobs are on the rise. Becoming a part of a team that strives to convert used cooking oil into renewable fuel, which in turn reduces America’s dependence on foreign oils, can be an extremely rewarding career path. SeQuential works with Neste to produce renewable fuel that can reduce carbon emissions by 75% than petroleum diesel, which reduces the negative health impacts of tailpipe emissions.

Helping clients understand the benefits of the cooking oil we collect is turned into renewable fuel is a big part of the job for the team at SeQuential. “Be prepared to join a team in which all are pulling in the same direction: to educate customers that they are contributing to a larger fuel process by working with us,” Pekarek says. He also explains that members of the SeQuential team take great pride in the services they provide.

Oregon Jobs and Opportunities at SeQuential

SeQuential provides a wide range of green energy job opportunities for prospective employees. Every team member at SeQuential works together in turning a waste product into a renewable fuel.

Joining the SeQuential team not only provides the satisfaction of knowing the work you’re doing can help the environment but also comes with some excellent benefits, including:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401k plans
  • Life insurance
  • Competitive compensation
  • Generous bonuses
  • Health savings accounts
  • Company gatherings

SeQuential, a subsidiary of Neste, is a renewable fuel producer on the West Coast and changing the renewable fuel industry with its proprietary technology. We work with retail food establishments across the United States, collecting and refining their used cooking oil. To learn more about the careers available at SeQuential or what it’s like to work in a sustainably-driven industry, contact us today.

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