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Used cooking oil often falls prey to the unfair characterization of being a mere waste product that’s tough to manage. However, it is important to highlight its true worth, debunking prevalent used cooking oil myths and acknowledging its pivotal role in our environment. By doing so, we can fully comprehend its profound environmental impact and explore the breadth of its versatile applications.

Myth #1: Cannot be recycled

One widespread fallacy is that used cooking oil cannot be adequately recycled. Contrary to this belief, it harbors immense potential for repurposing! As a valuable feedstock, it serves as the building block for creating diverse products. These range from converting used cooking oil into renewable fuel, which offers a sustainable energy source, to its utilization as a lubricant or even as a critical ingredient in soap production.

Myth #2 Only harms the environment

Another prevalent misconception surrounds the perceived harm of used cooking oil to the environment. While it is true that mishandling can lead to negative consequences, recycling used cooking oil holds remarkable benefits. It’s proper recycling significantly diminishes our dependence on fossil fuels, contributing to a substantial reduction in our carbon footprint. Through our collaborative partnership with Neste, SeQuential takes an active role in the collection of used cooking oil, ensuring its transformation into renewable fuels that pave the way for a greener future.

Myth #3: Too difficult to recycle

SeQuential makes it easier than ever to dispose of your used cooking oil! Once you have been assigned a dedicated Account Manager, they will continuously work with you to ensure your kitchen operates smoothly. They will provide you with a complimentary used oil bin and set you up on a regular pick-up schedule. The best part is the service is completely FREE and your business may even qualify for rebates for your oil! Learn more about how to manage your used oil easily.

By dispelling used cooking oil myths and gaining understanding, we can make informed decisions on managing used cooking oil, promoting recycling and reuse for a positive environmental impact, and advancing sustainability. Contact us to join our mission by letting us collect your oil!

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