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Today, technology is helping businesses become more eco-friendly, especially when it comes to collecting and recycling used cooking oil. Sustainable tech makes this process better for the environment.

People caring more about the environment has been a big part of these positive changes. Sustainable technology is the driving force and will keep helping businesses go green. In this article, we’ll look at how technology is making it easier to collect and recycle used cooking oil.


Before, getting used cooking oil was hard for businesses and cities. But technology changed that. SeQuential has containers that restaurants and other places use to collect the used cooking oil. These containers get picked up automatically, so all you need to do is fill them up.


Getting the used cooking oil to the right places is important. Technology helps with that, too. For example, SeQuential uses smart logistical technology to transport the oil. This makes it cheaper and better for the environment.


Turning used cooking oil into something useful involves a bunch of steps. Technology makes these steps easier and cheaper. Our partnership with Neste uses the used cooking oil and turns it into renewable fuel.

Data Management

Technology also helps take account of how much oil gets collected, where it goes, and how it gets recycled. This data helps businesses find ways to do things better and save money. Additionally, data management technology ensures transparency and accountability, empowering businesses to showcase their sustainability efforts to stakeholders.

Collecting used cooking oil is important for saving the environment. Technology makes the whole process easier, cheaper, and better for the Earth. And as tech gets even better, we’ll have more ways to keep our world clean. Join our mission today!

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