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Proper disposal of used cooking oil is crucial to prevent accidents and environmental damage. One of SeQuential’s primary goals is to promote a safe environment for both our customers and employees. It is essential for you and your staff to learn how to cool the oil, use suitable containers, properly pour it, and dispose of it safely. Be prepared for emergencies and contribute to a cleaner environment. Read on to discover these essential safety measures.

Allow the Oil to Cool Completely

Prevent burns by allowing used cooking oil to cool down completely before handling or disposing. Never handle hot oil immediately after cooking. Ensure it reaches room temperature or refrigerate to solidify.

Use Proper Containers

Transfer used cooking oil to suitable containers, preferably large plastic containers that are easy to transport over short distances to your SeQuential bin. Avoid reactive or leak-prone containers like aluminum or thin plastic. Use secure lids and avoid overfilling to prevent spills and leaks.

Remove Food Particles

Remove food particles and impurities from used cooking oil by looking out for debris and straining it before disposal. Employ a fine-mesh sieve or colander to strain the oil into the storage container. This prevents clogging the container grate and maintains the appearance of your container.

Dispose of Properly

Ensure responsible disposal of used cooking oil by pouring it into a SeQuential container. Never pour it down drains or toilets, as it can damage plumbing systems. SeQuential provides free containers and recycles your used cooking oil, eliminating environmental harm.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Stay prepared in case of spills or fires involving used cooking oil. Keep a Class K fire extinguisher within reach, suitable for oil fires. Use cat litter with high clay content for spills to absorb and prevent oil from spreading. Familiarize yourself with proper fire extinguisher usage and establish an emergency plan.


By following these safety tips, you can ensure the responsible disposal of used cooking oil, minimizing accidents and environmental impact. Proper handling and recycling of used cooking oil contribute to a cleaner environment and promote sustainable choices. Stay safe and make a positive impact by implementing these essential safety measures.

Contact SeQuential today if you’re ready to learn more about recycled used cooking oil. We provide every customer with a FREE collection container and regular pickups that accommodate your busy schedule, and you’ll feel good about turning restaurant waste into clean, renewable fuel.

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