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Used cooking oil theft is a growing concern for businesses that recycle used cooking oil. Thieves will illegally siphon and steal used cooking oil, which can be a detriment to businesses, the environment, and public health. Try implementing effective strategies to prevent theft and protect your business. Explore options such as surveillance systems, employee awareness, and collaboration with authorities.

Secure Storage Solutions

Secure your used cooking oil by using locks to deter thieves. SeQuential provides a lock to your business so that only authorized personnel can access the container. You may even want to consider fencing off the area you’ve designated for waste containers.

Surveillance Systems

Installing visible surveillance cameras deters theft and assists in identifying culprits. Unlike in the past, authorities are now taking used cooking oil theft more seriously. The captured footage could be a great help in identifying culprits and their vehicles.

Illumination for Crime Prevention

Properly lighting your storage area can discourage theft. Motion-sensor lights are effective in deterring criminals. Just by flickering on, the light signifies movement was detected. Paired with a surveillance camera, it could help capture an image of the thieves.

Communicating Security

Display visible signs to warn potential thieves. Try to deter and protect your business from potential thieves.

Employee Vigilance

Educate your staff about the implications of used cooking oil theft. Encourage them to report any suspicious activity they may notice. Never encourage employees to directly engage with thieves, have them immediately call law enforcement.

Collaborating with Authorities

Build a strong relationship with local law enforcement. If your business is frequently targeted by thieves, you’ll want local law enforcement on your side.


Protect your business from the effects of used cooking oil theft by implementing these strategies. From secure storage and employee awareness, you can deter thieves and ensure a safe environment for your business. Don’t let used cooking oil theft impact your revenue or harm the environment—take proactive steps today!

If you’re curious about how SeQuential can help you recycle used cooking oil, contact us today!

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