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Renewable diesel fueling station

Combating greenhouse gas emissions and climate change is a challenge within the transportation industry. It’s a large contributor to carbon emissions with its reliance on fossil fuels. Thankfully, Neste, a leading renewable fuels company, is leading the efforts. Neste’s renewable diesel is changing the transportation sector towards a sustainable future.

What is Neste’s Renewable Diesel?

Neste’s renewable diesel, Neste MY Renewable Diesel™, is a game-changing fuel produced from renewable raw materials. Unlike diesel derived from fossil fuels, Neste’s renewable diesel comes from animal fat waste, used cooking oil, and different wastes from vegetable oil processing. This unique production process significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional diesel. This makes renewable diesel the sustainable alternative for transportation.

Benefits of Neste’s Renewable Diesel

1. Reduced carbon footprint: Neste’s renewable diesel can achieve up to a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil diesel over its life cycle. This reduction is due to using renewable feedstocks and Neste’s advanced NEXBTL refining technology.

2. Compatibility and versatility: Neste’s renewable diesel is a drop-in fuel. It’s used in existing diesel engines without any modifications or infrastructure changes. It provides an easy and immediate solution for reducing emissions in the transportation sector.

3. Improved air quality: By using renewable diesel, there is a significant reduction of carbon emissions, and other harmful pollutants. This leads to improved air quality and better health outcomes for communities and individuals.

4. High energy content: Neste’s renewable diesel offers a high-energy, efficient fuel. It’s the sustainable and optimal solution for fleet operators.

Neste’s Transportation Impact

Neste’s renewable diesel has gained widespread recognition and adoption in the transportation sector. By offering a drop-in fuel that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves air quality. As governments and industries strive to meet ambitious carbon reduction targets, Neste plays a crucial role. It’s not a surprise that Neste is leading the transformation towards a sustainable future. Renewable fuels have the potential to revolutionize the way we fuel our vehicles for a more sustainable planet.

How Can You Help?

Sign-up for SeQuential’s FREE Used Cooking Oil Collection program to contribute to combating climate change sustainably. SeQuential has teamed up with Neste to transform your used cooking oil into renewable fuel. Additionally, SeQuential provides Grease Trap maintenance services to prevent fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from getting into the sewers, water lines, and the environment.

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