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Meet the team! As a premier used cooking oil collector nationwide, SeQuential partners with thousands of food service establishments to gather their used cooking oil. To continue our mission to provide a sustainable solution for grease management, we require a reliable team dedicated to the cause. Meet the amazing team at our Oroville depot that helps keep your business running smoothly in Northern California! Do you recognize any of our local SeQuential Service Technicians?

Mike Bray

Your actual local driver! – Mike is raised in Chico and has been doing this work since 1988 in the North Valley and has likely provided service to every restaurant in the area over those years. You will see Mike around dining, in the local restaurants, and meeting with friends at every corner. Mike’s kids live in the area and are as loyal to our customers as Mike is! Say hi to Mike, and you’ll have a new friend.


Roger Ricci

Roger Ricci is your big truck trap guy! He has been collecting used cooking oil and cleaning grease traps for over two decades! Roger is ANOTHER local employee who looks after customers as if they are his personal customers. Roger was raised and lives in the area and has developed many relationships with the restaurant community over the last 20+ years.

Sean McCain

Another North Valley local that’s been a fixture in this line of work for 15 years. He drives a recognizable blue tractor with a short red trailer when collecting your oil or cleaning grease traps; wave hello when you see him. Sean and his family have been living, shopping, and dining in the area for years! Sean’s kids also live in the area and support our customers when choosing a place to spend their money!

Steve Bowles

Steve Bowles is our All-Around service provider. You probably have already seen him around over the years, as he came to us from a local plumbing company last year. In that short time, Steve made a name for himself by advancing his commercial driver’s license, generating sales leads, and doing every type of collection or cleaning service we provide! Steve, his kids, grandkids, and his pugs all live and dine in the area.


Thank you for supporting your local oil collectors and grease trap cleaners. We look forward to seeing you at your restaurant! Come Join Our Team. SeQuential takes pride in its role as a leading collector of waste fats, oils, and grease from food service establishments, collaborating with our parent company, Neste, to refine these materials into renewable fuels. Explore each job listing to gain insights and apply effortlessly through our user-friendly form. We eagerly welcome you to join our team as a valuable member, as together, we shape a brighter future!

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