Have a question about our grease trap services? Check below for answers to some our most commonly asked questions.

  • How much does it cost?

    Pricing for grease trap service varies on the size, location and condition of your trap. Please contact us or call 800-447-3794 to arrange a consultation with one of our Account Managers.

  • What happens to the FOG you clean out of my trap?

    99% of the grease trap material we pump is taken to anaerobic digesters, where it is turned into clean energy for heating and power. The remainder is processed at our licensed facilities and treated according to local environmental regulations. No grease trap material is ever put down the drain.

  • How frequently should I clean my trap?

    Cleaning frequency will vary depending on the size of your trap and the amount of grease used in your kitchen. Most cities require traps be cleaned frequently enough to maintain less than a specified level of FOG (fats, oils and greases) accumulation. This usually results in cleaning at least once per quarter, and sometimes more frequently. Our Account Managers can help you determine an appropriate cleaning frequency.

  • My trap is overflowing. Can you help?

    Overflowing grease traps can either be the result of going too long between cleanings, or a problem with your pipes. In either scenario, we recommend you consult with a plumber to ensure the issue is addressed swiftly and completely.