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Not sure exactly how to handle your used cooking oil?

In addition to our valued partnerships with restaurants and businesses, Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) provides a hassle-free solution for used cooking oil recycling. We have established convenient oil drop-off locations throughout the West Coast, making it incredibly easy for everyone to participate. To find a drop-off site near you or browse our full list of addresses, simply visit our website. Together, let’s make the recycling of used cooking oil as convenient and sustainable as possible.

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Simply follow these steps to recycle your oil:


Allow oil to cool and pour it back into its original container or an easy-to-pour container with a secure lid.


Bring your oil one of our West Coast drop-off location listed below.


Open the lid of the location’s designated oil container, and carefully pour in the oil.


Close the lid and ensure it is secure for transportation to the nearest location.


Keep in mind that the container is for cooking oil only and avoid any solids, garbage or other materials.

Local Drop-Off Locations

Our drop-off locations are spread up and down the West Coast. Locations include the below list, but please use our interactive map to find the option nearest to you.

  • Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) – Anaheim, California
  • Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) – Bakersfield, California
  • Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) – Compton, California
  • Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) – El Monte, California
  • Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) – Hayward, California
  • Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) – Oroville, California
  • Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) – Pasco, Washington
  • Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) – Richmond, California
  • Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) – Salem, Oregon
  • Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) – Salinas, California
  • Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) – Seattle, Washington
  • Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) – Spokane, Washington
  • Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) – White City, Oregon

Why Recycle With Mahoney (formerly SeQuential)?

By recycling your used cooking oil, you can make a meaningful environmental impact while conveniently disposing of your waste. Not only does it help you get rid of your oil responsibly, but it also provides us with valuable feedstock to produce renewable fuels. We are passionate about giving your used cooking oil a new life. Get in touch with us today, and together, let’s contribute to a greener and more sustainable future!

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