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Not sure exactly how to handle your used cooking oil?

In addition to our partnerships with restaurants and businesses, SeQuential offers convenient oil drop-off locations across the West coast, to make used cooking oil recycling as easy as possible. Browse our full list of drop-off locations for addresses, or to find a drop-off site near you.

Simply follow these steps to recycle your oil:


Allow the oil to cool and then pour it back into its original container or an easy-to-pour container with a secure lid.


Bring your oil one of our West Coast drop-off location listed below.


Open the lid of the location’s designated oil container, and carefully pour in the oil.


Close the lid and ensure it is secure for transportation to the nearest location.


Keep in mind that the container is for cooking oil only and avoid any solids, garbage or other materials.

Finding Your Local Drop-Off Location

For your convenience, our drop-off locations are spread up and down the West Coast, including northern Washington, the Portland metropolitan area and the San Francisco Bay Area. Locations include:

  • Island County Transfer Station – Coupeville, Washington
  • West Van Materials Recovery Center – Vancouver, Washington
  • Far West Fibers locations – Portland, Oregon
  • Allied Waste – Salem, Oregon
  • SQ Refuel Station #1 – Eugene, Oregon
  • SeQuential – Richmond, California
  • SeQuential – Salinas California

Why Recycle With SeQuential?

Recycling your used cooking oil is an easy way to make a positive environmental impact. You can get rid of your waste, while providing us feedstock to make our renewable, low-carbon fuels. We would love to hear from you to help breathe a new life into your used cooking oil!


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