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KGW News Feature | Burgerville focuses on sustainability | Watch Now

Burgerville sustainability

Burgerville’s Eco-Friendly Impact on Earth Day

KGW News has an Earth Day series featuring the PNW fast-food favorite, Burgerville. In the clip, our bin is shown, and it is mentioned how we made it possible for them to divert over 46,000 gallons of oil and promote “cars fueled by fries.” Because of our sustainability efforts, we help our restaurant partners’ customers “eat lunch with a side of sustainability!”

Based on Burgerville’s 2021 used cooking oil gallons (46,263), this saved 411 metric tons of carbon. These savings can be shown in the equivalencies shown below.

  • 1.02 M miles driven by gasoline-powered vehicles
  • 142 tons of waste recycled instead of landfill
  •  1 year of …
    • 89 gasoline-powered vehicles off the road
    • 80 homes electricity
  • Carbon sequestered by…
    • 6,800 trees planted
    • 487 forest acres
    • 2.8 acres of preserved forest

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