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Originally published by KLCC Eugene

Over the next few years, more trucks in Oregon may be running on the waste from yesterday’s burgers. Oregon-based SeQuential Biofuels has upgraded its equipment and added jobs, to prepare for a growing market.

In mid-March, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed the Clean Fuels Program bill. It requires sellers and manufacturers of transportation fuel to implement the reduced emissions rules legislators developed over the past five years. SeQuential’s Rachel Shaver says they’re expecting increased demand because the new law looks at lifecycle emissions:

Shaver: “Biodiesel made from used cooking oil has close to the lowest carbon footprint you can have because we’re actually making our product out of something that’s already been used for something else.”

In addition, Shaver says, their fuel is sourced, refined, and sold locally, a big advantage over other options. SeQuential collects oil from over 7,000 partners across the region, including Burgerville and the University of Oregon. Besides to its two locations in Eugene, SeQuential sells its biodiesel at nearly 70 Oregon gas stations.


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