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Eugene, ORE, – May 12th, 2015 – Local biodiesel manufacturer SeQuential today announced it has ramped up operations in anticipation of growing demand for cleaner burning fuel. The company has upgraded equipment and added operators to enable its plant to produce more biodiesel each month. With these changes, SeQuential expects it can grow production by as much as 20% in 2015. The company has also installed a blending rack to allow customers using biodiesel blends to mix their product onsite. These developments come on the heels of Governor Kate Brown’s signing of SB 324, which fully implements the Oregon Clean Fuels Program.

“We’ve said all along we believed the Clean Fuels Program would positively impact the Oregon biodiesel market,” said Tyson Keever, SeQuential president and co-founder. “With the passing of the bill we felt it was time to make sure we’re ready to handle increased production when the program begins to take off.”

Founded in 2005, SeQuential is the longest running commercial biodiesel producer in the Pacific Northwest, and the only large-scale biodiesel manufacturer in Oregon. The company makes its biodiesel entirely from used cooking oil collected from thousands of restaurants, businesses, hospitals and schools throughout the region. The oil is refined at the SeQuential plant in Salem and turned into high quality biodiesel that is sold through an extensive network of wholesale and retail channels up and down the West Coast. Biodiesel can be used in nearly any diesel engine and offers many benefits over petroleum fuels, including better engine wear and significantly fewer emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses.

Today’s announcement is just one in a series of moves SeQuential has recently made to enable increased production. In late 2014, the company expanded its oil collection operations into northern California, adding the San Francisco Bay area to its service territories anchored in Portland, Salem, Seattle, and Spokane. SeQuential also significantly increased its retail channels in 2014. The company’s biodiesel blends are now available at nearly 80 different retailers across Oregon, Washington and California, including the SeQuential branded stations in Eugene.

“Our mission is to build a better energy model, and part of how we do that is by taking something that might otherwise be considered waste material and refining it into a lower carbon fuel,” Keever said. “Initiatives like Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program reinforce the value of this approach by encouraging people to really consider the carbon footprint of the fuel they use. We’re really excited to see the program roll out.”

About SeQuential

As the longest-running commercial biodiesel producer in the Pacific Northwest, SeQuential is deeply committed to improving the environment and invigorating the local economy by providing a clean-burning, renewable fuel that is sustainably produced from regionally sourced feedstocks. SeQuential makes its biodiesel from recycled cooking oil collected from thousands of restaurants and businesses throughout the region. Every drop of oil the company collects is turned into biodiesel that is then distributed back into the local community. To date, SeQuential has produced more than 25 million gallons of fuel. More information on SeQuential is available at

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