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Getting a used cooking oil container and starting the process of recycling your used cooking oil can be very exciting. Maybe you’ve been looking for a better way to dispose of your oil for a long time, or maybe you’ve wanted to reduce your carbon footprint. There is no wrong reason to get started recycling your cooking oil. SeQuential works hard to make the process as effortless as possible for our customers, and to help best prepare you to use your container, we have compiled a list of problems you might encounter and how to easily avoid them.

Wrong Size Container

One of the main issues you might encounter is that the size of your used cooking oil container doesn’t match the output of oil at your restaurant or business. If you’re a smaller business with less grease output, you don’t require a large container and having a big container might be cumbersome to your business. If you have a large, high-volume restaurant you’re going to want a larger container that matches the volume of used oil you produce.

Our SeQuential technicians will make sure you have a container that fits your space.


Believe it or not, theft of used cooking oil containers can be a serious problem. Unfortunately, individuals steal containers to sell on the black market. This not only creates an environmental risk of spills, is illegal, but it’s also costly for reputable companies to replace the stolen bin. For this reason, we recommend keeping your bin in a well-lit area, and one that is preferably fenced in. We also recommend you monitor the grease levels in your bins between pickups to see if someone has been siphoning oil. This is typically an early warning sign your collection container is at risk of theft. If you can place the container within view of a frequently checked security camera, you have the best chance of thwarting thieves. Our technicians are happy to walk you through other tips for keeping your bin safe.

We provide locks for bins, and as a best practice, we recommend you always use the lock we provide.

Weather Damage

When you store your container outdoors, adverse weather can pose a risk. High winds and rain can knock a smaller container over, and other large objects crashing into the collection bin can cause damage as well. If you have an outdoor, fenced trash corral, you can place your used cooking oil container securely between your larger disposal bins to provide a buffer from wind and other inclement weather. We are happy to work with you to figure out the best configuration and location for your bin.

Let Us Help

We are here to help with any questions about used cooking oil container, that you may have. The recycling and collection process should be as hassle-free as possible, and we look forward to working with you to make the planet a greener, healthier place for everyone. Contact us today to learn more.

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