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If you have a commercial kitchen, you know what a pain grease trap odors can be, especially if they are stubborn or particularly powerful. Fortunately, there are solutions, such as a regular grease trap cleaning by the professional technicians at SeQuential. Check out this handy guide to preventing grease trap odors.

Causes of Grease Trap Odors

Grease traps are a requirement for commercial kitchens in most places because they help prevent harmful grease, oils, and fats from entering your city’s wastewater system. Some common causes of pesky grease trap odors include:

  • Neglecting to regularly clean your grease trap
  • Insufficient cleaning
  • Improper ventilation
  • Broken equipment

Grease, fats, and cooking oils harden over time making the trap smell worse, and more difficult to clean. Grease trap smells can drive away business, and if you aren’t having your grease trap serviced at the correct frequency, not only will there be smells but you may also be fined by your municipality’s grease inspector.

What to Do About Stubborn Grease Trap Smells

The key to keeping your grease trap from smelling is to schedule regular cleanings and inspections by qualified technicians. Because cleaning frequency will depend on the size of your trap and the amount of grease produced by your kitchen, your SeQuential account manager will examine your trap to determine how frequently it will need to be cleaned.

Another important part of preventing grease trap smells is making sure your professional cleaning is thorough. This involves meticulously examining and cleaning every part of the trap to free up trapped grease, oils, and fats.

SeQuential technicians are experts in grease trap maintenance. We’re also part of the Preferred Pumper Program in the Pacific Northwest. This allows us to partner closely with local grease inspectors across the West Coast to ensure our customers are in compliance with their city’s grease regulations. This program allows us to provide the highest level of service by adhering to clearly defined maintenance standards and procedures.

By providing a higher level of service, we help ensure your trap remains free from noxious fumes that can drive customers away and make it difficult to utilize your kitchen or business. Our technicians are highly trained and know exactly how to service your trap to keep it working properly. Not only will you save money in fines from your municipality for not adhering to a cleaning schedule, but you’ll also keep your business smelling fresh.

Let Us Get Rid of Your Grease Trap Fumes

If you’re struggling to properly maintain your grease trap to municipality standards, or if you’ve been dealing with a smelly trap, please give us a call at 1 (800) 447-3794 so we can examine your trap and come up with an individually tailored cleaning schedule to keep your trap smelling fresh and your kitchen in working order. We also have a hassle-free recycling program that turns used cooking oil into renewable fuel. It’s a great, green way to reduce kitchen waste and what goes into your grease trap. Check out our grease trap FAQ for more information.

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