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Used cooking oil can have a significant impact on the environment, but recycling the substance may seem difficult and expensive for commercial kitchens. As a result, some choose not to recycle cooking oil at all. With a commitment to helping produce sustainable and ultra-low carbon fuels that are good for the environment, SeQuential offers specialized used cooking oil collection services to clients throughout the United States. Here, we dive deeper into our process and what helps our company stand out from the rest.

used cooking oil collection

Collecting Your Used Cooking Oil

While your commercial kitchen serves up delicious food, it may be accumulating used cooking oil. Instead of simply pouring this oil down the drain or tossing it in the garbage, restaurant owners and commercial kitchen managers can dispose of the oil properly and safely with used cooking oil recycling from SeQuential. Our process for collecting your used oil includes:

  • Consultation phone call: During the consultation phone call, a representative from SeQuential will meet by phone with the client to briefly discuss how the oil collection works, answer any questions they may have and assess their needs.
  • Deliver container: Following the consultation, a representative from SeQuential will drop off a clean, durable storage container at the client’s site. At this time, we will arrange a collection schedule that suits the client best. This delivery comes at no cost to the client.
  • Continued open communication: Should any circumstances change, such as oil production volumes, SeQuential is always available. We ensure easy communication either by phone call, text, or email. Our team is there for you, so you can focus on running a smooth operation.

Reasons to Utilize a Cooking Oil Collection Service

Choosing to have your used cooking oil disposed of appropriately by a reputable service provider leads to many advantages for a restaurant or commercial kitchen, including:

No Hassle

Opting to dispose of your kitchen’s cooking oil yourself can be a costly and time-consuming decision. When you employ a used cooking oil collection service, you gain the convenience of having someone else handle this task for you, giving you time to focus on more pressing matters.

Help the Environment

Disposing of your used cooking oil properly may impact the surrounding environment in a substantial and positive way. The following are some benefits grease recycling has on the environment:

  • Renewable Fuel: Recycling used cooking oil allows for the creation of cleaner-burning renewable fuel. This renewable alternative to petroleum-based diesel fuel can be used in a variety of ways including heating buildings as well as powering vehicles.
  • Fewer sewage backups: When hot, cooking oil appears in a liquid form. However, when cooled down, it hardens and solidifies. If poured down a drain, used cooking oil can cause your drain to clog and potentially result in sewage backup that can travel to parking lots and streets.
  • Reduced landfill: Some restaurant owners opt to dispose of their used cooking oil in the trash, which can still have a negative impact on the environment. The used cooking oil will add to landfill waste and can still make its way into sewers.

Improve an Establishment’s Reputation

Given the number of environmental benefits, managers who choose to safely dispose of their used cooking oil may be able to enhance their establishment’s reputation. Many customers may be more willing to help support businesses that are doing their part to make the world a better place.

Used Cooking Oil Collection from SeQuential

Since 2008, SeQuential has been collecting and recycling cooking fats, oils, and grease from a variety of food establishments located throughout the West Coast. While some companies collect your used cooking oil and simply dispose of it, SeQuential gives that waste a second life. The renewable fuel we create with your used cooking oil is one of the most environmentally friendly resources available. Our fuel is:

  • Sourced locally: In an effort to help support the region, our fuel is used to help power a variety of businesses within the community.
  • Better for the environment: Because it is made from entirely renewable resources, our fuel can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75% gas emissions than petroleum-based diesel.

If you and your business are looking for a simple way to be more environmentally friendly, SeQuential can help. We can turn your used cooking oil into a cleaner, non-toxic alternative fuel that is safer for the environment. For more information about our customer resources, including scheduling an initial consultation, contact us today.

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