Recycle Home Cooking Oil

October 15th, 2019 |  Categories Blog and Recycle Home Cooking Oil

Recycling Used Cooking Oil in Limited Space

Deciding to recycle your used cooking oil is an admirable choice that will help your local community and environment. If the kitchen you work in is small, you may struggle to find places to store your oil. Instead of giving up on used cooking oil recycling, SeQuential has put together some tips for you to keep in mind when thinking of places to store your used oil. By following these ideas, you should be able to free up space while achieving your environmental goals.


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Do You Use Enough Cooking Oil to Be Worth Recycling?

Recycling used cooking oil is an important process, and it offers several benefits. From keeping this potentially damaging substance out of your pipes to protecting the environment, you can feel good about recycling. But while it’s easy to see why cooking oil recycling pays off for large commercial kitchens, stadiums, and foodservice businesses, how do you know if you should recycle the used cooking oil from your kitchen as well? READ MORE

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While You’re at It: Your Empty Cooking Oil Bottles

After our clients recycle their used cooking oil at one of our drop-off locations, one of the most commonly asked questions we receive is what to do with their empty cooking oil bottles. Recycling these containers is just as important as recycling your cooking oil, but you can’t just simply toss them into the recycling bin. You can safely recycle them by following SeQuential’s steps for cooking oil bottle recycling. READ MORE

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Why Recycle Your Used Cooking Oil

One of the biggest hassles restaurant owners and other businesses face is the disposal of used cooking oil. Failure to do so properly can have serious consequences for the environment and your bottom line. Fortunately, SeQuential can help by offering the opportunity to recycle used cooking oil. We transform those leftover oils into our signature low-carbon biodiesel, a nontoxic and eco-friendly form of fuel. Check out four reasons why you should recycle your used cooking oil, and contact us today for collection information. READ MORE