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Used Cooking Oil Disposal Regulations in Los Angeles

As one of the biggest cities in the United States, Los Angeles, boasts many restaurants, venues, and facilities that rely on cooking oil for meal preparation. This oil must be disposed of properly to avoid negative impacts on the environment and city infrastructure. SeQuential collects and recycles used cooking oil from businesses across the West Coast, including the LA metro area. Here, we discuss cooking oil disposal regulations and practices in the city.


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Health Risks of Accumulating Used Cooking Oil

Reusing cooking oil can help you save time and money on meal preparation, but it can also cause numerous health risks that outweigh its benefits. As the longest-running commercial biodiesel producer on the West Coast, SeQuential collects and recycles used cooking oil from thousands of restaurants and facilities from Portland, Oregon, to South El Monte, California, and the Los Angeles metro area. Here, we discuss the dangers of reheating cooking oil to help you keep your family or patrons safe.


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How Used Cooking Oil Collection Benefits Your Carbon Footprint

If you operate a commercial kitchen, you probably dispose of a lot of used cooking oil. Did you know you can help turn it into something good instead of putting it down the drain? Recycling cooking oil does not need to be a struggle. At SeQuential we provide you with a free receptacle to collect your used cooking oil. We then work with you to customize a collection schedule that works for your business’ needs. After we collect your used oil, we convert it locally into sustainable, low carbon biodiesel. There are amazing pros to used cooking oil conservation, like significantly reducing waste, which helps the environment.


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Problems That May Occur With Your Used Cooking Oil Container

Getting a used cooking oil container and starting the process of recycling your used cooking oil can be very exciting. Maybe you’ve been looking for a better way to dispose of your oil for a long time, or maybe you’ve wanted to reduce your carbon footprint. There is no wrong reason to get started recycling your cooking oil. SeQuential works hard to make the process as effortless as possible for our customers, and to help best prepare you to use your container, we have compiled a list of problems you might encounter and how to easily avoid them.


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Getting Used Cooking Oil Out during a Restaurant’s Peak Hours

Every successful restaurant needs all hands on deck to meet customer demands during the busiest times of the day. When the lunch hour or dinner rush hits, it’s difficult to find time to properly dispose of used cooking oil. However, with a few smart strategies, you can make the process run smoothly and quickly, so it’s possible to efficiently serve customers and meet your sustainability goals for oil recycling. Browse these tips from SeQuential to learn more about removing used cooking oil from restaurants during your busiest times.


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Transferring Used Cooking Oil from Your Fryer to Your Collection Bin

Used cooking oil recycling is one of the best choices you can make for your business and one that benefits the environment and local community as well. Now that you’ve committed to this sustainable practice, it’s important to follow safety and hygiene procedures for used cooking oil collection at your restaurant or foodservice facility. This is especially relevant when transferring used oil from your kitchen to the collection container. To institute best practices in your kitchen, check out a few tips from SeQuential.


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Common Problems of Used Cooking Oil Storage

If you’re running a kitchen in a restaurant or business and want to help reduce your environmental impact by reusing cooking oil, finding where to store it is essential. However, depending on the kitchen, used cooking oil storage can involve some complications that can seem to make it difficult to reach your goal of increased sustainability. SeQuential is here so you can be prepared to find potential solutions to keep your kitchen running efficiently and sustainably.


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How Cooking Oil Disposal Can Help Encourage Other Sustainability Practices in the Kitchen

One of the best ways to make your kitchen green is by recycling your used cooking oil. Being sustainable is contagious, and can lead you to adopt more environmental practices that will help you reduce your waste and create more value for your community. SeQuential has outlined next steps you can take in your kitchen to reduce your environmental footprint.


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Do You Use Enough Cooking Oil to Be Worth Recycling?

Recycling used cooking oil is an important process, and it offers several benefits. From keeping this potentially damaging substance out of your pipes to protecting the environment, you can feel good about recycling. But while it’s easy to see why cooking oil recycling pays off for large commercial kitchens, stadiums, and foodservice businesses, how do you know if you should recycle the used cooking oil from your kitchen as well? READ MORE

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Cooking Oil Container Integrity Checklist

If you’ve already decided to recycle used cooking oil in your commercial food prep facility, you’ve made the smart choice. It also means you’ll need to designate a container for collecting and storing used cooking oil during daily operations. For safety and efficiency, it’s important to keep that container in good condition and avoid leaks, spills, and other issues. SeQuential offers a simple checklist to help prevent used cooking oil container leaks and ensure your storage container delivers reliable use day after day.


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Wear and Tear on Pipes: Improper Disposal of Used Cooking Oil

Proper disposal of cooking oil should be a top priority in any restaurant, commercial kitchen or food prep facility. But when the dinner rush hits or workers are busier than usual, taking those extra steps to dispose of oil the right way might seem like more trouble than it’s worth. However, anyone who’s ever experienced the serious damage oil can cause to plumbing will tell you that cutting corners this way will only bring more trouble in the future. Learn more about the dangers of improper cooking oil disposal to get on the right track with used oil management today.


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Vegetable or Olive: Does it Matter in Used Cooking Oil?

Commercial kitchens use a variety of oils to prepare the meals customers crave, but few are more popular than vegetable and olive oil. Cooks know both oils have unique properties that make them the best choice for various dishes, but how do those differences play out when it comes to recycling? If you’re curious about how the type of oil you use affects the recycling process, SeQuential explains everything you need to know about the differences in used vegetable oil and used olive oil.


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A Brief History of Used Cooking Oil Recycling

To turn used cooking oil into high-performance biodiesel, companies like SeQuential use cutting-edge technologies and advanced science. But if you think that’s where the story begins, think again. While this practice is more popular than ever, it actually dates back as far as the late 19th century. If you’d like to learn more about the history of used cooking oil recycling, SeQuential covers everything you need to know in this quick review.


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Cooking Oil Collection Courtesies

As a restaurant owner, you may be looking for better ways to properly dispose of your used cooking oil. Since your time is valuable, SeQuential offers cooking oil collection and recycling services that save you the hassle, so you can continue to fry away. We offer fee-free pickup services for businesses up and down the West Coast. To learn more, contact SeQuential today. READ MORE

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University Cooking Oil Recycling

A college or university’s sustainability efforts speak volumes to its reputation and credibility. To help dining hall kitchens and other campus eateries manage used cooking oil and reduce harmful waste, SeQuential offers a free oil collection service for educational institutions. We guarantee that your used cooking oil will be safely transported to one of our West Coast facilities and turned into eco-friendly, clean-burning biodiesel, helping your campus contribute to a healthier planet. For more information, contact us today. READ MORE

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Restaurant Cooking Oil Recycling

At SeQuential, we focus on more than just the production of a clean, nontoxic alternative to petroleum diesel. We’re also dedicated to helping restaurant owners properly maintain their grease traps and adhere to all regulations for cooking oil disposal. Our passion for the health of our environment drives us to transform your excess grease into biodiesel with a nearly 85 percent smaller carbon footprint than petroleum diesel, and that process starts with you. Contact us today for more information on our fee-free restaurant cooking oil disposal. READ MORE

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Why Recycle Your Used Cooking Oil

One of the biggest hassles restaurant owners and other businesses face is the disposal of used cooking oil. Failure to do so properly can have serious consequences for the environment and your bottom line. Fortunately, SeQuential can help by offering the opportunity to recycle used cooking oil. We transform those leftover oils into our signature low-carbon biodiesel, a nontoxic and eco-friendly form of fuel. Check out four reasons why you should recycle your used cooking oil, and contact us today for collection information. READ MORE

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Why Our Oil Collection Service is the Right Choice

Whenever cooking oil is used, ensuring proper disposal is a significant concern. The failure to do so carries hefty consequences, such as fines for noncompliance, safety concerns and environmental damage. Managing the collection and recycling of used cooking oil can be time-consuming, especially if you’re not sure what needs to be done. SeQuential can help. We’ll explain why our fee-free oil collection service is the right choice for your business. READ MORE